• $37.95

    PetLab Co. Allergy & Immune –...

    Tailored for your pup – Your dog’s weight has a huge impact on their individual needs. So, we have created these incredible daily chews in 3 sizes; for small, medium, and large dogs
    Seasonal Allergies – Help keep your pup’s gut balanced with our allergy supporting probiotic dog chews. And deal with their seasonal allergy related skin and coat issues
    Yeast Support – Is your dog paw licking, biting, or has smelly ears? Your priority should be to support healthy yeast production – something these chews will help you with in no time at all

  • $47.95

    PetLab Co. ProEnzyme Dental Kit –...

    What’s Inside – With this premium dental kit, you’ll receive 28 delicious chicken-flavored sticks along with a monthly supply of Tri-Zyme Dental Gel
    How it works – Apply a continuous line of our proprietary dog toothpaste along the entire dental chew groove. Then give it to your pup to enjoy. Upon chewing, the tasty chicken chew targets dirt build-up via the mechanical action, then the enzymes in the toothpaste help break down sugars in dogs’ mouth to turn it into a cleaning agent
    The Benefits – The unique Tri-Zyme Dental Gel contains three enzymes to help break down starch and sugars in your dog’s mouth, targeting the oral bacteria that causes bad breath and tartar

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