• $31.99

    MADDEMCUTE Dog Bowl Stand with Mat...

    【Adjustable to 3 Heights & 15° Tilted Design】 – It can be adjustable to 3 different heights according to your pet, the comfortable height makes it easier and comfortable for pets to get food.This dog bowls can adjust to 2.5″ raised for small dogs, 7.8″ raised for medium dogs and 10.2″ raised for large dogs,In addition, at the 10.2″ height raised,this dog bowl stand is designed with a 15-degree inclined platform to help the dog eat and swallow in a more comfortable position
    【Reduce Joint Stress】 -This elevated dog bowls is designed to prevent dogs from bending while eating. Make their dinner time comfortable, enjoyable without strain on their neck, joint and spinal
    【Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowls】 – This raised dog bowl set comes with 2 stainless steel bowls and 1 slow feeder bowl,speed eating comes with its fair share of issues(gas, occasional vomiting). So we provide the elevated slow feeder dog bowl set, that can effectively help your dog reduce abdominal distension, reduce the probability of obesity and improve digestion ability, so as to eliminate vomiting

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