• $9.99

    Cat Toy with Silvervine for Cats,...

    【Natural Material】 Our silvervine sticks are made of quality and edible pure natural silvervine sticks, silvervine fruit, raffia and sisal rope, without any harmful substances, which is no harm to your favorite kitten while can keep them fit.
    【Increase Appetite & Promote Digestion】 Silvervine Chew Sticks are rich in plant fiber. When your cats don’t want to eat anything, It can enhance appetite, promotes gastrointestinal motility and help the cat to vomit hair balls, so that the cat can keep healthy.
    【Make Cats Happy】 The raffia and gall fruit on this cat toys are natural materials that attract cats can’t help to play and lick, help the kitten to conducive mitigating malaise, lassitude and depression, regulate the mood, become excited and energetic.

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